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Terrance Wayne Barratt
New Brunswick

I'm one of those luckily motivated guys. I've been the shipper, receiver, purchasing agent, programmer, consultant, software development manager, account executive, videographer, producer,musician, sales manager, kitchen and bath cabinet maker/installer, flooring (ceramic tile, hardwood and laminate),plumbing, electrical, father, brother, grand-father and Certified Personal Trainer.

I'm a professional at whatever I'm engaged in. Makes sense.

My current project is about Wellness. Over the last 18 months I've been studying/researching nutrition (vitamins, minerals, macro nutrients), the source of the RDA values and the illnesses affected by nutrition deficiencies and excesses. I've been monitoring my personal nutrient levels and making diet adjustments and additional of supplements to maintain my desired level of health.


Nutrient Research

Take a look at the header and click it to view the Nutri-Tracker (nexDRI) site. This site hosts a Windows application that provides useful access to the nutrient content of almost 6000 foods across over 40 vitamins and nutrients. It has added information links between health issues and specific nutrient deficiencies.

If you want to know what your nutrition intake is, this app does just that. Select from the menus your daily diet. If your food isn't on the menu yet, you can build your own recipes and menus from the 6000 foods database and add them to the daily menu selection.

PT Manager

Physical Training

Take a look at the header and click it to shop for PT Manager.

PT Manager is not only great for PTs and their clients. It's a great tool for anyone tracking their physical development.

A database of muscles and exercises allows you to build a workout program. You can enter your own version of an exercise and include it in your program.

You can log every workout and get a graph analysis of your workout for every muscle as agonists and synergists and comparisons between agonist and antagonist muscle groups.